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Badminton Court

Apex Sports is a state of the art seamless badminton flooring surface manufacturer and supplier for sports activities, that is Olympic standard quality. Our floorings have a number of qualities and characteristics, such as being impermeable to water, rot free, resistant to certain chemicals, flame resistant. Our badminton courts are very easy to clean and removes stains with ease. Our badminton court design is also shock resistant and provides more safety than other flooring surfaces. We offer our customers absolute freedom in the design, colour theme, dimensions, and shape. We offer advance ball rebound and shock absorption, making our badminton court more efficient in maximising a players performance. Due to these features, our badminton court is able to reduce the risk and amount of injury for a player. All our floorings are made with an elastic polyurethane coating, which allows a quick and easy removal of contaminants and stains, thereby reducing the high maintenance that would affect the budget of an establishment.

With its durability and turnstile strength, it does not wear down or tear apart, which delivers a long use of the surface. Our badminton court is also resistant to any static load and is internationally certified by a number of quality grading companies. All our products are stringently checked in every detail, to ensure our clients get the best value for money. We meet the BWF standards (Badminton World Federation) with all our badminton courts.

Our high-performance floors use pallium flooring which is not-porous in nature and provide a strong grip and non-slippery surfaces for players performance yield. We are always considered as a leading marketing brand, that innovates using USA technology and manufactures our floorings in India, using a high optimised raw material for all finishing floorings. We also offer our customers, customisation as an option because we have the experience and the overall capacity required to produce brilliant badminton courts, with a classic appeal and finish. We are definitely considered ‘highly reliable’ with our patrons.


  • Latest USA technology Impemented
  • Extremely Durable with a good Appeal
  • Abrasive Resistant
  • Superior Impact Resistant
  • Multi Colour Options and Custom Design
  • Shock, Water, and Chemical Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Great grip and ball rebound

Apex Flooring also provides a flooring that passes all international court standards, in terms of safety and quality. All our courts are used in International and national sports courts. We have different types of floors, that are made with maple wood for best badminton playing performance.

Our Technical Specifications

  • We use high-quality grade rubber paddings that ensure maximised comfort for playing
  • Thickness range from 77mm – 89 mm
  • Custom Construction design as per technical requirements
  • Plywood installed if required
  • Customised thickness and colour combination
  • Termite Resistant
  • Constructed as per International Badminton Court Technical Specifications
  • Covered with superior quality lacquer for optimised durability


  • Multiple Court Specification options
  • Affordable rates at market prices
  • International Brand Standard Quality
  • No compromise on Safety Standards
  • BWF certified in quality
  • Personalised inspection and other resistant tests prior to delivery
  • Prompt Delivery and Accurate Installation
  • Low Maintenance and Easy Cleaning
  • Warranty available for clients