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Wooden Sports Flooring

Apex Sports are leading manufactures for all sporting floorings and surfaces. Our wooden floorings are made from the highest quality of wood, that brings out the best in the surface finishing product. We are considered as a reputed manufacturer and supplier of wooden based sports flooring. Our wooden sports floorings have the highest demand in indoor sports. Wooden sports floorings are more expensive than other product surfaces purely for its quality and standard. The flooring needs to be installed with accurate care, which our experienced professional carry out with ease. With our long-term experience and dedicated staff, we excel in the manufacturing of quality artistic wooden flooring surfaces. They can be treated with a wide range of colours, logos, and designs, that can be tailor-made as per the requirements of the customer.


We follow USA research and Technology, based on the highest performance and flexibility of using wood surfaces. All our Wooden floorings are anti termite treated and varnished to give a perfect appeal and shine for a quality gameplay. Our Wood Flooring is designed and manufactured, using maple wood as its strength and durability appeals more to an indoor setup. Naturally, we use superior quality goods and raw materials and provide our customers with reasonable market value rates. Perfect for installing, where there is a maximum exposure to wear and tear.

Technical Specifications

  • Apex Sports wooden flooring has been tested and approved on various aspects to check the performance and quality.
  • BWF, WSF & FIBA tested certified and approved as per technical specifications
  • Follows all technical specifications such as sound insulation for indoor Building compliance and norms.
  • Excellence Ball Bounce
  • Superior Raw Materials
  • Termite Treated
  • Anti-Glare and Wear Resistant
  • Vertical deformation and Shock Absorption
  • All types of Maple wood grades available
  • Rubber pads are integrated for maximized comfort
  • USA based Technology and technical specifications tested and approved
  • Thickness range of 77mm – 89 mm and more (If required)
  • Constructions are subjected to with or without the need for plywood
  • Top thickness diversity and custom design
  • All the sports wooden flooring products are covered with a high-grade quality of lacquer to provide maximum durability
  • Squash Courts are availableas per World Squash Federation Marks


  • Available with multiple choice of product specifications
  • Guaranteed superior Quality
  • Visible Linings and sports markings
  • BWF, WSF & FIBA certified.
  • Low Maintenance
  • Market Available rates
  • Warranty and Repair options, as per contract
  • Approved and Certified by Apex Sports Professionals
  • Recommended for all Indoor Sports Activities
  • Long Lasting life
  • Shock and Impact Resistant
  • Ball Bounce and Lift
  • Stringent tests and quality inspections done


  • Squash Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Basketball court
  • Stage and Auditoriums
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Table-Tennis
  • Multi-purpose court etc.

Note: Wooden floors should not be used, where moisture is accumulated or may pose a threat. It is widely not recommended where areas are commonly termite prone.